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The idea behind our 7 pack of nappies is simple… use one nappy a day and see how quickly and easily you fall in love with cloth!

Designed specifically to help parents who want to give cloth nappies a go, our 7 pack offers our 3 best-selling Australian icon prints plus 4 plain coloured nappies – one for every day of the week.

Caring for one cloth nappy a day is as simple as rinsing and throwing in with the rest of your washing, so starting with just one nappy a day is a fun and effective way to help parents see how easy it can be.

This pack is also great for the full-time cloth user who just needs to up their stash with a quality, reliable, trusted brand.

7 Pack Cloth Nappy Bundle - #startwithonenappy

Makes Life Simpler

Our pocket nappy comes with a soft breathable waterproof outer cover, a bamboo prefold and a microfibre booster, which can be used together or individually depending on your child’s needs and the size setting of the nappy.

A wide crotch makes it easy to insert the boosters and wide wings makes it a good fit for larger babies and toddlers, without compromising on a fantastic fit for newborns and petite babies.

Makes Parenting Easier

A super comfy nappy means a happy baby and the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy has a comfortable elasticised waist and an ultra soft, suedecloth inner layer which which acts as a moisture barrier by pulling urine through to the absorbent boosters and away from the skin.

The close fitting twin gussets prevent leakages, which are a big plus for sanity.

Makes More Sense

A one-size-fits-most design with three sets of snaps means that Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappies fit most babies from birth through toilet training.


Designed to fit most babies between approximately 4 and 16 kg.

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2 reviews for Nappy Bundle – 7 Pack

  1. Jacqueline Hall (verified owner)

    New to cloth nappies. Very happy with this Seedling pack. Well made, comfortable design for baby. Highly absorbent (have been using with the booster over night – 8+hours without leaks). Design is a bit bulky, but not a major drawback. Would recommend!

  2. Nikki Robinson (verified owner)

    We love our Seedling Baby nappies so much so that we’ve gotten rid of all of the other brands we had and now only use Seedlings exclusively.

    We tried a range of other popular MCN brands when first starting our cloth journey and were so frustrated with their fiddly fits and constant leaks. We decided to try Seedlings and have not looked back!

    They are the ONLY brand we haven’t had leaks with. The double gusset on the covers are amazing as they help to contain everything in the nappy but also help you get a great fit every time on chunky babes.

    The diversifold inserts are super thirsty and super quick drying which means a quick turn around in washing. This is great for busy parents but also means you can get by with less nappies in your stash so it saves you money.

    Such a great, quality nappy and we highly recommend them!

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