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Seedling Baby Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company specialising in high quality and ethical alternatives to disposable products.


Thank you for purchasing a Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket nappy.

Seedling Baby Multi Fit Pockets are a wonderfully versatile nappy; easy to use, fast drying, one-size, with customizable absorbency and simple care.

Each nappy comes with a bamboo prefold and a microfibre booster, which can be used together or individually depending on your child’s needs and the size setting of the nappy.

As with any nappy, plan to change your baby every 2 hours (or as soon as you know it’s soiled). This is necessary to maintain your baby’s comfort and is the basic requirement for a healthy bottom.

It is not necessary to use liners with Seedling Baby Multi Fit Pockets as the suedecloth inner layer will draw moisture away from your baby’s skin and keep him/her feeling dry and comfortable. However, you may want to consider a liner to make cleaning dirty nappies easier.

It is important to pre-wash your nappies once prior to use to remove any manufacture and transit dust. Bamboo requires 6-10 washes before maximum absorbency is reached. We don’t recommend washing the inserts this many times before use, as it is a waste of water, but please expect lowered absorbency for the first few wears.


Night use

The Seedling Baby Multi Fit Pocket nappy is a one-size modern cloth nappy designed specifically for day use. If you do wish to use the nappy during the night, please lay extra boosting on top of the shell, rather than stuffing it into the pocket opening. The pocket opening was designed to fit our specially made boosters and over stuffing may damage the elastic.

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Shanyn, grafton @life.with.hen.and.tully

We have quite a large mixed stash and these are by far my favourite. I can not fault them. I have never had a leak from our Seedlings and they’ve been fantastic for us. I love these as a night nappy because all of our others need to be changed at least once through the night, waking my daughter. It’s super easy to get a beautiful fit through all stages of nappying. I hope to one day have our stash 100% Seedling Baby!


Rosa, dubbo

Seedling Nappies are the bomb! I won’t use anything else now! After using at least 6 other brands of modern cloth nappies on all of my 6 children, these are the ones I always come back to, for any age, from birth to potty. The different size snaps make it easy to adjust to suit any size baby or toddler. They are super easy to use, wash really well, are quick drying, and don’t stain easily. Plus, the awesomely gorgeous fabric patterns make them beautiful gifts as well! These nappies have just gotten better as they’ve reviewed design. Highly recommended for durability and affordability. Thank you for making a fantastic nappy!

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