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Saving Money with Cloth Nappies

With a fresh new year just around the corner, you might have started thinking about your new year goals. If saving money is on the list, switching from disposable to reusable nappies will be a huge support for this goal. Cloth nappies can save parents over $1200 during their child’s time in nappies – more…

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13 Cloth Nappy Tips

To celebrate Cloth Shot a Day as well as 13 years in the cloth nappy industry, here are 13 cloth nappy tips. We shared many of these over on our Instagram stories during October, but if videos aren’t really your thing or you want a handy checklist, here they are again. To help prevent the…

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Cloth Shot a Day 2019

YAY! It’s that time of year! The days are longer and warmer and it’s no-pants weather! Time to break out the camera and start snapping away for the annual Cloth Shot a Day photo-a-day competition brought to you by the Australian Nappy Association, and proudly sponsored by yours truly. Cloth Shot A Day is a…

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Prefold Cloth Nappies: Pros and Cons

In the past, we’ve had the cheek to call prefolds the “ultimate” cloth nappy. So today we’re going to give you 5 reasons why they’re so flipping fabulous… and then do something really silly and tell you 3 reasons why they might not work for you. Ready? Here are 5 reasons why choosing a prefold style…

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A Look at the New Range

We are soooo excited about our gorgeous new range of prints and products that will be hitting Aussie shores any day now, so we wanted to give you a complete run-down of what’s coming. Surf Reef Sandy Reef Reef Midnight Forest Mulberry Forest Forest More for the Mini Range The Mini range will also be…

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2019 Cloth Nappy Awards – Vote and WIN!

We are so thrilled to share with you the news that many of our awesome products have been nominated in this year’s Cloth Nappy Awards! We’re nominated for the following: Best One-size Nappy (Multi-fit Pocket)Best Traditional Nappy (Diversifold)Best Swim Nappy (Paddle Pants)Best Accessory (Luxury Liners)Best BrandBest Customer Service from a BrandBest Wet Bag (Beach Bag)  The…

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Reusables: Not Just Nappies

13 Easy Ways to Make the Switch from Disposable to Reusable One of the great things about using cloth nappies is it tends to encourage the journey into more reusable items. Over our time of using cloth, which was probably the only serious reusable item in our home 13 years ago, we’ve made the switch…

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cloth Nappies

Happy Cloth Nappy Week for 2019! We are very excited to be joining the Australian Nappy Association‘s inaugural Cloth Nappy Week – a week of education, inspiration and fun. We’d love you to join us too, and if you’re already using cloth, to share your photos on social media and spread the word about how…

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Now Open for Business

We hope 2019 is off to a fantastic start for you and your special people. Did someone say new prints?! It’s certainly been a busy start for us as we’ve just approved two BEAUTIFUL new prints from Flora Waycott, and are finalising the design of our newborn nappy this week! YAY! (hint: forest and reef…

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