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Stain Removal: the Natural Way

Guest blog post by Laura Trotta Soiled clothing and kids go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s bibs, onesies, sporting outfits or school uniforms, dirty clothes seems to be inevitable when you have children. But it doesn’t mean that permanent stains, nor toxic stain remover sprays or soaks need to be permanent fixtures in your home. I have…

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Top 11 Tips for Simpler Picnics

Many thanks to Brooke Summerville of Eco Parents for sharing her 11 best eco picnic tips today.Spring has sprung! It’s a lovely time to pack a picnic and head outdoors. Planning makes it a more enjoyable and less wasteful affair. Keep some basic picnic supplies in the car ready for any impromptu occasions too.  Be prepared. It…

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Fundraising with Wet Bags

A family day at the beach with an infant shouldn’t need the logistics of Napoleon, or the load-carrying capacity of a military transporter. That’s why we love our Seedling Baby Beach Bag. Colour coordinated to match the popular Paddle Pants, these handy bags can fit swimmers, a towel, clean dry clothes or about 10 cloth nappies.

We are thrilled to announce our new Wet Bag Fundraising Kits, available now for your local school, club, daycare or community group. Our Wet Bag Fundraising Kits are designed to help your group raise funds for a special project while also encouraging your local community to make the switch from plastic bags to a practical…

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Cloth Nappies Go To Daycare

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Jacquie Shanks, for her words of wisdom about cloth nappies at daycare. Jacquie is a mother of 4, owner of  NZ Baby Supplies. This article was written in 2012.   I didn’t always use cloth nappies, not that I didn’t want to, just that we hadn’t found ones that worked…

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