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Cloth Nappy 101

3 Ways to Simplify the Switch to Cloth Wipes

When I first started using cloth nappies, I was using disposable wipes with them. After a few weeks, my mum suggested using a face washer instead. That sounded simple enough, so I grabbed some face washers and felt like I was all set. Truth be told though, it wasn’t as simple as it sounded and…

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Cloth Nappy Storage Inspiration

Creative and practical cloth nappy storage ideas and insipiration. Finding a solution for your cloth nappy storage can be a lot of fun. Not only do you need it to be effective and practical, but you might also want to use it to show off all that reusable goodness (and the so many delightful prints…

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10 Tips for Using Cloth Nappies at Night

Today we’re chatting night nappies. Sometimes acknowledged as the “final frontier” for cloth nappying parents, choosing a nappy that lasts the distance can be daunting. Please note: These tips apply to babies who are sleeping through the night. If your baby is still waking regularly for night feeds, it’s a good idea to change their…

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Stain Removal: the Natural Way

Guest blog post by Laura Trotta Soiled clothing and kids go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s bibs, onesies, sporting outfits or school uniforms, dirty clothes seems to be inevitable when you have children. But it doesn’t mean that permanent stains, nor toxic stain remover sprays or soaks need to be permanent fixtures in your home. I have…

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What is a Wet Bag And Why Every Family Needs One (or 10!)

A wet bag is probably the best friend of my cloth nappying days. These convenient, easy-to-use essentials are such a life {and smell!} saver when you’re out and about by letting you stash soiled cloth nappies easily and without a fuss. Even during toilet training days and well beyond, they’re awesome. Heck, even if you…

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Washing Cloth Nappies… It’s Not Rocket Science

Here in Australia, we’re part of a very small percentage of the world’s population that generally finds caring for cloth nappies quite a breeze. We have washing machines to do most of the dirty work for us, and we have a legal right to use our clotheslines, so staining isn’t as much of an issue…

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