Multi-fit Pockets in Action: Parents Review our OSFM Cloth Nappies

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This review was first collected by Kate from Brave Tiger who has passed them on to us for sharing. Thank you to Yvette for taking the time to review the Multi-fit Pocket Nappy – we hope it continues to be of use to your beautiful family. Yvette’s Review Hi there, my name is Yvette and I…

Fundraising with Wet Bags

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A family day at the beach with an infant shouldn’t need the logistics of Napoleon, or the load-carrying capacity of a military transporter. That’s why we love our Seedling Baby Beach Bag. Colour coordinated to match the popular Paddle Pants, these handy bags can fit swimmers, a towel, clean dry clothes or about 10 cloth nappies.

We are thrilled to announce our new Wet Bag Fundraising Kits, available now for your local school, club, daycare or community group. Our Wet Bag Fundraising Kits are designed to help your group raise funds for a special project while also encouraging your local community to make the switch from plastic bags to a practical…

New Australian Icon Prints

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New Australian Icon Prints for cloth nappies, reusable swim nappies, nappy covers and wet bags

In September last year, we launched a delightful print that we affectionately named “Icon”. There’s something so very special about Australian flora and fauna and we decided it was definitely a print story we should continue to tell. Flora Waycott did the most incredible job and we knew she could expand the range for us without…

Paddle Pants in Action: Parents Review our Reusable Swim Nappies

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Paddle Pants in Action: Parents Review our Reusable Swim Nappies

These reviews were first collected by Kate from Brave Tiger who has passed them on to us for sharing. Thank you to Yvette and Ruth for taking the time to review the Paddle Pants – we hope they continue to be of use to your beautiful families. Yvette’s Review My daughter is 14 months old…

Vote for Your Chance to Win BIG!

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Vote in the 2018 Cloth Nappy Awards for your chance to win from a prize pool worth over $5600!

Do you love cloth nappies? Love spreading the word about them? Love to support small business and help other parents make informed choices? Then you need to vote in the Australian Nappy Association’s 2018 Cloth Nappy Awards! The 2018 Cloth Nappy Awards is an industry-wide, consumer focused awards specifically designed for the cloth nappy community…

Launching: 7 Pack Nappy Bundle – #startwithonenappy

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If you’ve been around these parts much, you might have noticed a little campaign we started way back in February last year. #startwithonenappy is an educational campaign to help parents who are new to cloth nappies understand the impact that just one reusable nappy can have. Through this campaign we strive to equip parents with the…

Journey of a Nappy: New Prints Launching Soon

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New Seedling Baby cloth nappy prints are coming soon!

After 11 years in this industry, I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned is to trust the process. Just as unborn babies have their own ideas about exactly when they’ll make an appearance, so too do new products! Try as we might push towards a timeline of some kind, and as much as we might…

Fitting One-Size-Fits-Most Cloth Nappies

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One-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappies are designed to fit most babies most of the time, from birth right through to toilet training. There are a few tricks to know that can help you bridge any fitting gaps with your OSFM nappies.

Have you ever had a one-size-fits-most cloth nappy arrive in the post and thought, “how on earth is that supposed to fit my newborn?!” Well, this blog post is all about that. Our Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappies are exactly as the name suggests – designed to fit babies across a wide range of ages and stages – and…

Winter Cloth Nappying Tips: The Complete Guide to Using Reusable Nappies When It’s Cold

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Having put cloth nappies on plenty of little tushies, here are some of our best cloth nappy drying tips for the cold and wet season.

Modern cloth nappies are hugely convenient for cloth nappying parents. They’re easy to use, eco-friendly and economical too! However, come winter, the cold and rain can put a dampener on our cloth nappying enthusiasm. Busy parents, like you and me, can feel overwhelmed with nappies that don’t dry and the alarming rate at which our…

Cloth Nappies Out and About: What You’ll Need

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When you first start cloth nappying, it can be really daunting to think about going out. What will I need? What happens if they poo?? What do I do with the dirty nappies?   This blog post will help you understand that it’s not actually as difficult as it might at first seem, and it…