We’re often asked what the difference is between our Multi-fit Pocket nappy shell and our Cómodo Wrap: this blog answers that question.

We’re often asked what the difference is between our Multi-fit Pocket nappy shell and our Cómodo Wrap, so we thought it would be helpful to turn the answer into a blog post, complete with pictures.

Cómodo Wrap

The Cómodo Wrap is essentially the waterproof component of a two-part nappying system.

It is intended to be used over top of an absorbency layer, whether that be a fitted nappy, a flat cloth nappy, or a prefold style nappy. 

The wrap can be used with prefolds that are fitted around baby with a snappi or pins, or simply to hold boosters that are laid inside it. 

The Cómodo Wrap is made from one layer of waterproof fabric, which means you can wipe it clean and reuse it with fresh boosters or a fresh fitted/flat nappy.

The Cómodo Wrap is sold on its own at retails for $24.95.

Multi-fit Pocket Nappy

The Multi-fit Pocket nappy shell, on the other hand, needs to be changed at each nappy change as it has a layer of suedecloth which is intended to go against baby’s skin as a stay-dry layer. 

The pocket shells are generally intended to be used with the boosters with which they are sold and the absorbent components of this system are intended to be placed inside the pocket opening.

The Multi-fit Pocket Nappy comes with a waterproof pocket shell, a Diversifold and a microfibre booster and retails for $35.95.

Which is Better?

Of course, neither is “better” than the other – they are both completely different nappy options, intended for different purposes.

If you live in a wet/cold climate and have trouble getting things dry, a Cómodo Wrap with boosters might be the better option for you, as you can reuse the wrap multiple times with fresh absorbency (fitted, flat, prefold or boosters).

The Cómodo Wrap with prefolds is a great option if you’re on a budget as you can get 3 nappy changes for the price of 2 Multi-fits; even more if you have lots of extra boosters laying around.

If your child is going to daycare, you may prefer the Multi-fit Pocket Nappy as it can be made up, ready to go on baby without the hassle of different parts being put together by someone who may not be familiar with cloth nappies.

Pocket nappies also present a “complete” nappy option, whereas Cómodo Wraps require other parts (absorbency, stay-dry liner, snappi) in order to be used.

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