Pros and cons of prefold cloth nappies

In the past, we’ve had the cheek to call prefolds the “ultimate” cloth nappy. So today we’re going to give you 5 reasons why they’re so flipping fabulous… and then do something really silly and tell you 3 reasons why they might not work for you.


Here are 5 reasons why choosing a prefold style cloth nappy is a good idea:

  • They’re easier on the back-pocket than modern cloth nappy styles

  • They’re easy to care for: you don’t have to remember to fold back the velcro or hang a particular way to prevent drag on elastics

  • They’re seriously versatile: prefolds can be folded in a variety of ways to suit baby’s body type and size

  • They LAST: prefold nappies, when cared for correctly, can last through a child’s time in nappies, and then some

  • They’re multipurpose: once you’re finished using them for nappies, they can used for a variety of purposes around the hom

And now for the 3 reasons why you wouldn’t want a prefold:

  • Prefolds = learning curve: you will need to learn the ideal way to fold prefolds to ensure the best fit for your bub and this might take a bit of time, especially if you can’t manage a real-life demo
  • They aren’t often popular at daycare centres or with care providers so you’ll need to invest in something ready-made, such as pocket nappies, if you’re leaving baby with someone other than family

  • They require extra supplies, like Snappis and covers

If the first two “anti” reasons above don’t phase you and it’s just that third one that’s got you stuck, we’ve got THE solution.

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