Best tips for using cloth nappies while travelling

Travelling with cloth nappies and stressing out? 

Don’t be! Really! As this cloth nappy-using mum can attest, travel with a reusable nappy is actually just as easy as it is with a disposable. You just need a bit more preparation.

Here are our top tips to make travel with cloth easy for everyone.

1. . Pack right and pack enough

First things first, pack TWO bags with your nappies and other add-ons. Keep one bag packed with enough nappies for easy, instant access, like a nappy bag or large wet bag. The other bag will have the bulk of the stash that you’re taking: extra nappies, detergent, spare wet bags and if you’ll be using them, liners and wipes.

You also need to have enough to cover you while you’d be out on the road. So, depending on:

a) how many nappies your baby goes through, 

b) whether you’ll have access to nappy washing facilities, and

c) how long will you be on the road

make sure you have enough nappies to cover you easily enough. A good rule of thumb is to pack for a day extra, with plans to wash nappies every second day so you don’t have to pack a suitcase filled with them!

2. Choose the best travel nappy for your needs

You also need to see which nappy will be best suited for your needs while travelling. If you have a stash with all the same type of nappies, this point doesn’t really apply, but if you have a mixed stash, you’ll need to think about which type of nappy is going to be best for your time away. If you won’t have access to adequate laundry facilities, choosing flats or prefolds with covers can work since they’re easiest to wash in a bathroom sink (yes, hand washing! check THIS out for info and inspo) and dry quite quickly.

However, if you will have laundry facilities, opting for pocket nappies or all-in-ones will be great since they’ll be the easiest to change on the go, can take up less space and don’t require extra bits and pieces.

3. Take plenty of wet bags

Make sure you have different sizes of wet bags to keep soiled nappies away from the rest of your stuff until wash time. Have a small wet bag to keep dampened wipes ready for use.

Honestly, you can never have enough wet bags, so definitely take a few. You’ll find they come in handy for all sorts of random things, like toys, snacks, chargers and cords, make-up, first aid supplies and more.

4. Carry a pack of your favourite detergent

You don’t want to arrive at your destination and find out you can’t find the detergent you use, right? This is especially important if you need a particular detergent because of skin conditions. Make sure you carry a pack of it so laundry will be easy. 

5. Go hybrid if you need to

Travel time can be stressful for everyone, so if using all cloth gets a bit much, choose hybrid nappies (disposable insert with reusable cover) or biodegradable liners that can reduce the stress a bit while still being a more sustainable option than complete disposables.

6. Remember to retain your sense of humour 🙂

Finally, and most importantly, remember to breathe, look at everything with a kind eye, including nappy blowouts or other stuff that you usually can’t control. Smile, enjoy your trip and focus on the stuff that matters – having a fabulous holiday with the family!

Oh, and if you’re heading to the beach, don’t forget to take reusable swim pants.

Over to you: what’s your top tip for traveling with cloth nappies?

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