#startwithonenappy - Small Steps to A Simple, Joyful Life

#startwithonenappy is an educational campaign to help parents who are new to cloth nappies understand the impact that just one reusable nappy can have. Through this campaign we strive to equip parents with the information and resources they need to make a gentle, manageable and highly rewarding shift to reusable alternatives.


Just as one cloth nappy a day can make a difference, so can many other small changes.

This week, I want to encourage you to pick one of these micro-steps to a simpler, more joyful life.

Walk daily

Start with just 10 minutes. Right before dinner, with the kids if you can’t go alone. Commit to it. Get it done. Before long, you’ll find you can’t get by without it.


Start with one drawer or cupboard a day and declutter it. Here is one idea.

Grow your own

Find a pot, and plant some seeds. Start with something easy like lettuce, herbs, shallots or spinach.

Switch one snack

Instead of buying that packet of biscuits, grab another punnet of strawberries.

Have some hobby time

Set aside 10 minutes a day for your hobby. You know, that one thing you loved to do but haven’t found much time for since having kids?

  • Drawing – do it with your kids!
  • Photography – put the phone down and dust off your real camera!
  • Gourmet cooking – you have to cook anyway, why not go all out like you used to?
  • Play that instrument – the kids are your biggest fans!

You’ll be amazed at how happy this makes you and will soon find you make it a priority in your day.

Be grateful

If we want to thrive during this period with little ones afoot, then we have to learn to recognise and acknowledge the beauty in it all.

Because this is it. This is motherhood. This is our now.

We can’t change it or rush it and we don’t want to wish it away. One way that we can start to retrain ourselves to see the beauty in the day-to-day, is to keep a daily gratitude list.

Even on the really rubbish days as a mother. Even on the days when nothing seems to go right and we feel like we are constantly failing, constantly falling short of our own ideals, there is always something to be grateful for. Always.

Download this gratitude journal page to keep you on track

Over to you. Tell me what small step you’re working on at the moment.

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