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Archive for November 2017

Which Cloth Nappy Is Best for Hot Weather?

We are asked this question a lot. Parents are concerned that thick layers of fabric swaddling their baby’s bottom will be too hot and that it will cause rash or irritation. Many opt for disposables during the summer, not realising that disposables can actually be worse, because it isn’t the absorbent fabrics that reduce airflow,…

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Protecting Your Cloth Nappies During the Summer Heat

In Australia we have some extreme heat coming our way, as we do every summer, and of course, extreme heat can have a detrimental effect on almost anything… Your nappies, swim nappies, wet bags and training pants contain components which are more susceptible to heat damage than most items of clothing. Prolonged exposure to heat…

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The Cheat’s Guide to Preparing Cloth Nappies

If you’ve asked Google how to prepare new cloth nappies, he probably told you to wash them anywhere between 3 and 10 times. But if you’re anything like us (impatient) and don’t like the idea of wasting a whole lot of water to prepare a nappy for first use, this blog post is for you.…

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The Cloth Nappy Questions I Am Asked Most Frequently

Which detergent should I use to wash my nappies? We don’t recommend specific brands of detergents. Ingredients, their quantities and recommendations from detergent manufacturers are changing constantly. We support the Australian Nappy Association’s recommendation to steer clear of detergents with additives designed to stay in the fabric after the wash, like softeners (which can reduce…

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