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Comodo Wrap by Seedling Baby – 5 ways in pictures

There are a lot of different options in the world of cloth nappying, but I think it’s fair to say that most (all?!) cloth nappying mamas (and many who didn’t plan to use cloth) have invested in a half dozen or more terry flats.

Oftentimes, these weren’t bought to be used as nappies, but as spew rags and the like. And yet, few would deny the supreme practicality of a flat cloth nappy used for it’s intended purpose – even if only when the MCNs won’t dry quickly enough!

I know I leaned on my flats extensively in the early weeks of Baby A’s life, and 6 months on, they still get a workout. So it’s nice to have a nappy cover that can be just as practical. Multi-fit and multi-function: able to be used in conjunction with 5 different nappying options. What’s not to love?!



We’ve had the opportunity to play extensively with the Cómodo Wrap over the past 12 months and test it on two of our children, including our newest addition who is now 6 months. We have lots of life to get from this cover yet and we’ll post more pictures as she grows.

All pictures below are taken of our 6 month old sporting the Cómodo Wrap multi-fit nappy cover from Seedling Baby.



I’m a bit partial to a great bamboo fitted nappy, so we have a couple of Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights in our stash. The Cómodo Wrap fits beautifully over these and would fit similarly over the other popular fitted nappies, such as the Baby Beehinds bamboo or hemp fitted, Kissaluvs, Bam Bams and the GroVia Kiwi Pie. If using them over dedicated fitted night nappies, we recommend sizing the riser snaps out to the next stage.




I like to use a set of Seedling Baby bamboo boosters with the covers during the day as it’s a really quick and easy lay-in option for babies that aren’t moving around too much. It also means there’s no folding, stuffing or putting bits and pieces back together after a wash. You could do a similar thing with a prefold or flat folded to lay inside the cover and it’s definitely the quickest option for babies from birth through to about 6 months. The gusset at the leg means that even the best newborn output is contained.




The Cómodo Wrap fits snuggly over a prefold that’s angel folded.




Flat cloth nappies have considerably more bulk all over, but the great thing about a double row of snaps is that you can stagger the snaps to get the right fit. Sometimes you’ll need to do this even as they grow and size between one set of snaps and the next. Some babies have a fabulous muffin top with skinny thighs, but having double snaps means you can go with a wider tummy row and a narrower leg row.



Eco-disposable nappy pads

I didn’t get any pictures to share (sorry!) but the Cómodo Wrap fits well with both Cushie Tushies and GroVia eco-disposable inserts (and probably other brands also). I’ll add some pictures next time we’re using the eco-disposable inserts.


Who is the Comodo Wrap for?

We have loved using the Cómodo Wrap for our little ones and would highly recommend it as a reliable, cost-effective option for parents who want a cover that grows with their baby.

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